Tuesday, March 9, 2010


being there

Director : hal ashby

chance is a man who lived in the house his whole life, tending the garden of a wealthy man. he never went outside the house he has no contact with the world, he just watch television and learn everything from tv .

When the old man who raised him die, they forced him to leave his sheltered existence,

they put him on the street with no knowledge of the real world, he took with him his old fashion clothes and a television remote that mean's a lot for him, after a ran in with a limousine car, the woman invite him to her house to check if something happened to his leg, and when he get into the car he was surprised it was something new for him riding a car, when the lady asked him about his name, she understand it's chouncy gardenier instead of chance the gardener, during the dinner her husband Mr. rand asked him about his job and he thought that chouncey is an upper class, well do highly educated business man, and he think that chouncey business shutting down because of financial problems, chance is a very simple man, he hardly understand what the people mean but when he answer them they understand something totally different .

Rond is also the confidant and advisor of the U.S president, whom introduces to chouncey, so chance began talking about the garden changes with the seasons so the president took his advise as for economic and quickly chouncey becomes a media celebrity with appearances on television talk shows,  before rond's dying he recommended chouncey of taking care of his wife because he became close to her .

Chance is a very simple, calm man, he's very intelligent, he is totally different from the human, we can say that his character is virtual because we can't find someone like him, and that is what makes the movie unstable, because we have unexpected character with unexpected stages.

That what i am trying to build my video structure on it, having something weird, unusual, unexpected, no one can knows the next episode .


Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Charecter and Amélie Poulain

At the beginning I'm going to put the common and the uncommon points between Amelie and my work in chronological order for presenting my ideas according to the time which they occurred.

Amelie was an unhappy little girl, which affected by many social factors, while in my video I will show my character background only, I am not going to show his/her childhood.

Amelie make somehow a unique transmission between her babyhood and her adolescence which transformed everything in her life, her transmission that broke the stability first, while in my work I have no transmission the stability of the video will be broken by the unexpected things.

At the end Amelie become more effective when she began see through what other people want or need and try to help them to accomplish their goals.

Amelie had potential and she knows how to convince other people, also she had the positive energy inside her self, the hope and the fairness, those are the common things between Amelie and my character. 

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amélie Poulain

Director :

               jean pierre Jeumet

               25 April 2001 (Belgium)

Amelie characteristic :

Love - Happiness - Justice - Revenge - Human help - Sex - Bad past - Orgasm - 

Child's imagination - Childhood innocence - Benevolence - Shyness - Impulsiveness

Amélie Poulain is a story about a girl named Amelie,

the film begins by explaining how was her childhood, how she was suppressed as a child because of her father's mistaken concerns of heart defect,

and her stressed mother that she dies in a weird accident so she born and raised by her father,

Amelie gets hardly any real life contact with other people, that what lead her to create and leave in her own fantastical world and just dreams of love and beauty.

later on she becomes a young woman and she moves to the central part of Paris, she worked there as waitress and she begins her new life, one day she found treasure box that belong to a man who was living before at the same apartment where she is living now, she decides to return it to him and after finding him and let him take his box without showing her self but she was seeing his reaction and new found perspective, she decides to devote her life to the people around her.

she helped the blind man to follow his way, she revenge from the vegetable seller without injurious because he wasn't good with the boy that is working in his shop, she forced her father in a funny way to travel who is obsessed with his garden-gnome, she befriend to an old neighbor man that love painting, she helped her neighbor that she is always reading her husband messages and everyone knows her story with him how he left her to go with his secretary to move on and live happy now and finally the mysterious photo man -image collector- that lost his phooto album, she return to him the album and seeks him out and falls in love with him, at the end Amelie poulain finds love.

:) the fabulous world of Amelie :)